• Vegetarian living, cooking and philosophy.

  • Cooking and baking all the way from Ireland.

  • Healthy food, healthy living, healthy preparedness, healthy families.

  • Creativity Connoisseur. An inquiring and incisive mind. An open-minded skeptic. An avid learner. An individual who loves to ruminate about the inner strands of our reality. [Un]common sense advocate. Barnes & Noble Refugee. Reformed Carmel Macchiato addict & Part-Time Researcher. My work can also be found on

  • The best of health for today.

  • Skylarity means mindfulness, spontaneity and authenticity. Skylarity is my way of connecting with the world around me. I come here to express what I am thinking, feeling and experiencing. This is my liminal space.

  • My name is Andrea. I’m a registered dental hygienist with an obsession with food. I can’t stop talking about it (ask my friends!) or looking for my next favorite dish whether it’s from a restaurant or made in my own kitchen. While I’m not working in a dental office, I can be found cooking and photographing food in my kitchen.

  • I go by Gigi. I’m a veteran vegetarian, tree kisser, mountain dweller, and secret adrenaline junkie.

  • This is me… Liz James….sometimes known as “The Oily Farmgirl”. I am a 25+ year veteran of pharmacy… I don’t use the word “veteran” lightly, because sometimes it does seem like I am going in to a war zone as we fight “Big Pharma” and insurance companies on a daily basis. I am also an organic farmgirl….. sharing my world with Charlie, my husband of nearly 25 years, and numerous handmilked dairy cows, horses, chickens, a large organic garden and berry/fruit orchard, dogs, cats, and Henri… our resident Oily Farm Squirrel. Life is full and very busy! Yes, I am not your typical pharmacist. In fact, I am likely the most natural one you’d ever meet. Our farm, our “farmily” and our lives are nearly chemical free in all controllable aspects.