Starting A Vegan Diet

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Starting a vegan diet is a fun and enjoyable process, but first you should ask yourself a question – Why am I starting this diet? If it is because of the immense amount of health benefits that come with the diet, then it is okay to be more lenient. If you are starting the diet more because of the want to help animals, then the diet will be a little more strict. Just read the guide, check out the links we provide, and don’t get too scared because it really is a great process.

What is vegan?-

The vegan diet sprouted from the vegetarian diet. Although this diet has been around for thousands of years, the term vegetarian did not start until the mid-1800s. This diet varied quite a bit depending on who you asked about it. One side of the vegetarians thought the diet should only consist of foods from a plant origin like  vegetables, beans…

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Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

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“Now it is time for you to forgive *(him/her) and comfort *him.  Otherwise *he may become so bitter and discouraged that *he won’t be able to recover.  Please show *him now that you still do love *him very much.”

2 Corinthians 2:7


Have you ever wondered why certain lessons keep appearing in your life, especially when you have done all the clearing out, cleansing, releasing, burning and letting go rituals?  Might you take a new perspective on this message that keeps appearing from the messenger – these “thorns in your side” are very well the weaknesses which will make you strong.  The apostle Paul spoke of this as he pleaded to be removed from these deeply intense challenges placed upon him during his ministry.  Yet, through these weaknesses he rejoiced, for it is through being on his knees he opened himself up to receive strength within from…

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Purity Matters…. and so do Toxins

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Earlier this week I made a comment in a gardening post, and I wanted to expand on that a little more. The comment made was in regards to the purity of our gardening bounty and how important it is to know both your source and how your food (ie: the plants or animals) is cared for from seed (or birth) to the farm table.

As you might have guessed by now, I am an advocate of following this principle in all aspects of life.

Knowing your source……whether that be your:

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