Toasted Buckwheat Flour

Pep's Free From Kitchen

 photo WP_20170312_003_zpsne77wpmt.jpgGuess which is buckwheat. That was a joke…this is an enervating post *Weeps*

I feel like sighing. You see, dear reader, there’s no way to make a flour recipe interesting. You’ve seen the numerous uses I’ve put this flour through, this part, funny how I’m at the start after so long, is really rather dull and basic. Not only that, I have two flour recipes. Don’t sight, dear reader, I’ll keep it brief. I could’ve called this kasha flour, but I’d rather avoid the confusion.

 photo WP_20170312_004_zpsgfolv5ly.jpgIt looks more or less the same as what I get in the shops.

Okay, let’s see. Taste-wise I couldn’t see much difference, which either means the flour I’m using is already toasted or there isn’t much difference in taste between tasted and un-toasted and I’m not making raw flour to test. I did find that this ground really easily and it wasn’t difficult to…

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