Roasted Amaranth Flour

Pep's Free From Kitchen

 photo WP_20170312_003_zpsne77wpmt.jpgRoasted because it went into the oven. This is boring! I’m sorry! *Weeps*

What? You’ve lost the will to continue? Sorry, dear reader, you’ll eat your ground toasted pigweed and enjoy it! Think of poor Jack, I’m sightly addled by the sun, it’s been an unknown factor for a long time and now I’m exposed to so much I shall be freckled to within an inch of my life. No, no tan for Jack. No sun-kiss bronzed god status for me. No, all I do is smell faintly of compost and pigweed. Oh, one interesting thing. A look-it-up-for-yourself titbit, I make no promises of its worth, it was suggested to me to add a little salt, I like pink salt, just for the taste, to some sugar, no artificial sweeteners, sweetened squash, the drink not the glorious berry, with plenty of water to dilute and it should keep you hydrated…

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