A Complete Guide for Starting Peppers Indoors: See Description for All that is Covered!


Source: TheRustedGarden
Gary Pilarchik
March 5, 2017

I cover just about everything from starting mix preparation to pinching off the peppers. I use 3 week old peppers, 5 week old peppers and 7 week old peppers for visuals. Great for beginners!

1) Seed Starting Mix (Preparation, Fungus, Insects)
2) Planting Cell Preparation
3) Planting Seeds
4) Bottom Watering & When to Water
5) When & How to Fertilize
6) Acclimation to the Outdoors
7) When & How to Transplant Them Up
8) Basic Lighting Guidelines
9) Pinching off Pepper Tops
10) Gemination and Heat Mats
11) When to Start Peppers Indoors
12) When to Transplant Peppers Outdoors

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