The NEW Beginning for Realistic Sustainability

As I look over the first few weeks of my new “blogging adventure” I’ve come to a few conclusions. The first was that I had begun to stray from the main focus of this site. To that end I’ve deleted a few posts and put a few other research items in a nice little folder “for later”.

Second, I realize I will need to separate information and recipes into “vegetarian friendly” and “not vegetarian friendly”. This will be wayyyy easier now than in a few months when instead of a few dozen posts to go through and re-categorize I’d have hundreds. Even someone as lazy as I can be will see the wisdom in THAT!

To understand why I have such divergent feeling about food and diet you have to look at my family. I have a husband and 2 children…all who have different likes and needs when it comes to diet. 13707813_10155009216209027_4207542627538288683_n-1Well, 1 child actually. My son (pictured at left with my adorable first grandchild), is married and eats whatever his wife puts in front of him, and as long as it doesn’t involve mayonnaise or a cream sauce, he’s good to go. Planning food storage for his family is a breeze! The rest of us? Not so much.

My daughter (pictured below with her partner) is a health nut. She works out more than an Olympic athlete and it shows. She started out several years ago, eating Paleo. It worked out great for a while and her dad and I tried it for a while too. Due to some tummy issues, over the years she’s changed her eating habits to be more vegetarian than not. 12046581_10156185248825232_6923542485095598296_nShe eats fish infrequently, but no other meat. She also eats a few grains and legumes sporadically (her partner owns a pizza restaurant, so the occasional carb is unavoidable!). My husband is at the other end of the spectrum. He eats no fish or seafood, but will occasionally eat meat. He also eats an abundance of pasta, grains and legumes, but not many fresh vegetables or salad. It works for him. I am stuck firmly in the middle. I eat meat, fish, seafood and eggs. (I’m the only one in the family who eats cheese or dairy though). I also eat fruit and vegetables, but I don’t eat many grains, pasta or legumes. Neither my husband or daughter avoid animal proteins for philosophical reasons. They avoid them for health reasons. So where does that leave our food storage planning? Well…let’s just say when I give advice on both vegetarian food storage planning and Paleo food storage planning, it’s because I have experience doing both…in my own house!

That being said, from this point forward, this site is going to focus on two types of food storage and recipes. One for those who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and one for those who lean toward the Paleo or microbiome lifestyle. Why am I not dealing with all the stuff in the middle? Everybody else does that already. There are thousands of sites geared toward survival. This isn’t one of them. This site is about realistically preparing for the unexpected. I’m just going to separate it into a “to eat meat or not to eat meat” format.

I hope this will make the site easier to navigate!



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