Pep's Free From Kitchen

Oh, yes, dear reader, I’m still working hard for your benefit, okay, mine. My head is not swollen from my fame. What fame? Shush. You read that right! Buckwheat, just buckwheat, I finally found gluten free groats in the shop, with a short expiration date because they aren’t going to do me any favours. Now, you may say, can you really do anything I haven’t seen with buckwheat before? Well, firstly let me say this: I will start at the bottom and learn everything I can, even if the information is already out then it means nothing to me until I master it myself and until I do I won’t share it with you. Secondly, let me say this: Do you know who I am?! I’m Jack of all (Pseudo) Grains! You know quinoa? Yeah, I’ve done so many things with quinoa. I even have crusty quinoa bread! Pah! Amaranth?…

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