Blanching: Something Something Clever Title

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You know something, dear reader? It’s funny how some techniques, however simple can be so hard to become familiar with. Take blanching, the preparation of vegetables for freezing via boiling or steaming and rapidly cooling, I only discovered this recently, but it has been a major boon in my battle to eat more vegetables, but once you know about it you feel rather silly telling anyone about it because it’s so simple. I could copy and paste an impersonal article here and let you decide if you want to try it, but instead I’ll give my own version, missing a lot of details as to the science behind blanching, but instead featuring, well, er, me? Yes! That’s a valuable thing. My own meandering experiences in the style of a maundering narrative.

Hey…What? I’m just digressing a bit. Come on! Okay, just quick: Blanching can also refer to the covering of…

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