Gratitude Meditation


meditation-1994824_960_720I regularly do a gratitude meditation as part of my morning routine. The effects of this meditation include: An increased sense of well-being, a deep sense of peace, and the experience of being delighted. What I also notice is that this practice also creates a context of abundance that enables me to manifest what I need and experience life as more fulfilling. I have provided a list and a sequence that is my habit. You can alter it to fit your needs.

Beginning with Focused Breathing

This meditation starts with focused breathing. I focus on the tip on my nose and on the air entering and leaving my nostrils. I silently label each breath: “breathing in I am aware I am breathing in” and “breathing out I am aware that I am breathing out.” I calm and center myself with about 10 breaths and I begin giving thanks. I thank my own version of God that I have come to know and love. You may thank your God or The Universe or whatever higher power you like to pray to or give thanks to.


  • I give thanks for the air I breathe.
  • I give thanks for the air, and the ability to breath it.
  • I give thanks for my life.

I give thanks for a strong and healthy body. At my age my body has its share of the dings and rust and eccentricities of a vehicle that has carried me well for a long time. Affirming my body as strong and healthy helps me to manifest more strength and health. Acknowledge all the good that you can about your body.

I give thanks for what works. Thank you for a car than runs, a computer that computes and a washer that washes. I get a kick out of this one and naming all the items that work and support me every day.

I give thanks for abundance. There is so much to be thankful for in this category – food, housing, clothing, money and more. I start with food. I give thanks for the orange juice I drank this morning. For the oranges that made it possible; the farmers who grew and cared for the trees; those that harvested the oranges, and the people who transported them. I give thanks for those people who squeezed the oranges and packaged it; the folks who made the containers, the shippers who carried them; the people who stocked the coolers and the clerk who checked me out at the cashed register. All this was done so that I could open the refrigerator, and savor the delicious, refreshing and nutritious juice. When you stop, and think about all that you can be thankful for it this one simple thing, you will be amazed. And this is only one item.

I repeat this process with different items that come to my mind. It is surprising how many things we can take for granted that we receive and use day to day. In the United States our bountiful supply and easy availability of food and goods is almost an embarrassment of riches. While you may have more or less than others, you can always give thanks for what you do have.

I give thanks for those who serve. I give thanks for the grocer the doctor the propane delivery man, the barber, the plumber and all those I can think of who serve me and others. I include those who build the chair I am sitting in and laid the tile of the floor where my feet rests. There are so many who give to use and frequently we don’t recognize them. By valuing them we also value ourselves.

I give thanks for my home and family. I give thanks for the wonderful home I live in; the comfort of heat on a cold night. I give thanks for my wonderful husband; his strength, his intelligence, his generosity and the great skill he has as a cook. In turn I go down the list of my family members and recognize and give thanks for who they are and their qualities and characteristics.

I give thanks for friends. In the same way that I recognize and value the members of my family, I give thanks for my friends. I give thanks for their loyalty and for their non-judgement. I give thanks for having someone accept me just the way I am. I give thanks for their help, their disagreement, their wisdom, and the times when they need me.

I give thanks for associates and suppliers. As with friends and family, I also give thanks for those I work with and for those who supply me with goods and services and support me to be successful in my business. When you stop, and reflect you will realize how wonderful people can be and how much they just want to give the gift of themselves and do the best they can. I give thanks to those who support me.

I give thanks for my neighbors. I give thanks for their cheerfulness, their eccentricities, their generosity, their help, their willingness to be in my life as little or as much as I like. I give thanks for the comfort and pleasure of having them as extended family.

I give thanks for nature and for critters. I give thanks for trees and flowers and grasses. I never cease to experience awe and wonder in the presence of natural beauty order and abundance and I give thanks to the creator and the created.

I give thanks for universal goodness. I give thanks for the blessings that flow to me and all of us; for the Spirit that is around us and within us and for the love that is our nature and our inheritance.


I like to sit quietly after I stop giving thanks and just listen and feel.



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