Cauliflower luvin

I love cauliflower too!

Happiness is just a few bites away

I have finally finished my exams woooo!While I was meant to be revising for them at the start of the week I ended up procrastinating sooo much by cooking and ended up making roasted red pepper hummus, red cabbage slaw and some incredible different things out of cauliflower. All of them were pretty simple to make and were the perfect distraction for revision but my favourite had to be the cauliflower… As I was cutting it up to roast I realised that I was about to chuck all the leaves away and what a waste?! So I decided to see what they would be like roasted as well and ohhhh my it was delicious.

Roasted Cauliflower with leaves- the perfect revision snack.


Whole cauliflower


Garlic’s cloves (extra garlic powder option- I love garlic so added looooove)


1). Break cauliflower into florets and cut leaves off, breaking…

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