Taking Stock of the Herb Pantry


anise-hyssop-basil-red-pepper-jars-compressed While it continues to be grey and cold, it’s a good time to take stock of the culinary herb supply.  There’s still time to make adjustments to the planting plans and increase or decrease the number of plants needed.  Starting with the herb shelves, it is obvious that there is an ample supply of anise hyssop (on the left) because I don’t use it very often. I mostly grow it for the butterflies, the pretty purple flowers, and the scent.  It’s a perennial, but since I still have an almost-full jar, there should be plenty already in the garden for next harvest. That’s not the case with basil (center.)  It should be noted that one jar of basil has already been emptied, and this last jar has to last until there are new seedlings in the flats to snip, usually the very end of May.  I always start enough basil…

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