Flavors of Winter

Stylish Heath

fullsizeoutput_13d0fullsizeoutput_13d1{Dried orange cranberries, white and semi-sweet chocolate chips were added to this batch of brownies with walnuts and a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. Buttery pie-crust have been made to be used for a quiche or dessert on hectic days}

This weekend democracy was in full force throughout the District of Columbia with the Women’s March and an Inauguration. Crowds everywhere, in and around the metropolitan area caused several family members to bolt to NYC only to be besieged by women marching. But, seeing this mass convergence of women worldwide was a fabulous site to witness.

And, as much as I enjoy being civic minded, there was no way I would have been able to participate in this process due to the size of the crowds. So, I stayed at Heath to watch the events on TV and test recipes.

fullsizeoutput_13d2A beef stew made for dinner later in a busy week…

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