Pressure Canning Potatoes


Source:Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living
February 8, 2017

Jaime takes you along on a step-by-step canning tutorial for beginners on pressure canning potatoes using an All American 921 Pressure Canner. She shows you how she stores potatoes, how to can them, and how she uses canned potatoes in recipes.

National Center for Home Food Preservation:

All American 921 Pressure Canner on Amazon:

Milliard Non-GMO Citric Acid on Amazon:

Non-Iodized Canning Salt on Amazon:

Chef’n PalmPeeler on Amazon:

If you have some tips or a video on how to can potatoes, please be sure to leave a comment or link below. We encourage community and want to provide access to a variety of information so viewers can make their own informed decisions about the topics we cover.

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