The Benefits of Freeze Dried Ingredients in Pet Food

petsWe’ve covered the many health benefits of freeze-dried foods for people, but what about for our canine and feline friends? Research shows that sales of pet food incorporating freeze-dried ingredients have surged in recent years. Pet owners are only just beginning to realize the benefits of freeze-dried foods for pet health, and they’re clamoring for more options.

Many fruits and vegetables are good for dogs

The family pooch is a direct descendant of wolves, an omnivorous species. Like humans, dogs need a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain health. A well-rounded canine diet includes good sources of vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, as well as minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Though dogs can get many of these nutrients by eating a variety of meats and organs, vegetables are great sources and easy to include in a dog’s diet. In fact, regular doses of vegetables can even help prevent some types of cancer in dogs.

Recent research is finding that some of a pet’s key nutrients exist in their greatest concentrations in fruits and vegetables. For example, dogs and cats can benefit from antioxidant-rich diets just like us, helping them ward off allergies, grow healthier coats, and retain more energy later in life. We’re still learning about the roles antioxidants play in good health, but it’s clear that including them in our own diets, as well as our pets’ diets, can have many benefits.

Protein does more than build muscle

It’s no secret that dogs and cats need lots of protein. Not only does it repair and build muscle, it’s also essential for boosting daily energy levels and the growth of new skin cells and fur. Wild canines and felines feed primarily on meat. But many pet owners don’t have extra time to prepare fresh meats and vegetables for their pets every single day, especially when a giant bag of pet food with a long shelf-life can be found at your local market.

Unfortunately, the easiest ingredient to include in many of these dry foods are carbohydrates in the form of grains — something canines and felines aren’t built to eat. As consumers demand better nutrition from popular pet food brands, companies have begun experimenting with new methods (most notably, freeze-drying) to replace grains with shelf-stable protein in dry foods.

But, convenience is king. Consumers want the most nutritious food available for their pets, without the hassle of preparing an extra meal every day. Using freeze-dried ingredients offers consumers the best of both worlds: convenience and nutrition rolled into one.

This is a repost from Mercer Foods


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