The Modern Attitude to Food

In our modern Western culture, the latest diet craze tends to dictate our relationship with food.  Indeed, the practice of ‘dieting’ has become a commonplace activity in a society increasingly obsessed with female body image.  Bookstore shelves literally heave under the weight of titles promising women sleeker, fitter, healthier, sexier, more desirablediet-foods bodies.  Websites tout the latest in weight loss programs and supplements guaranteed to melt off fat and make you into a super model. TV commercials and shows give us hours of advice and products claiming to perform miracles.  And what is the cost of all this hoopla to our actual health?  The diversity of diet programs is far ranging and countless.  Their popularity tends to change with the seasons.  With all this hype and disinformation, it’s easy to see where we get our attitude to food and nutrition.  Confusion is inevitable with the conflicting information available to us.

Overall, the modern relationship with food is a far from a healthy one. Media influence has helped cloud our perception of the true function and purpose of food in our lives.  We seem to have lost sight of the real question: ‘Are any of these ‘diets’ any good for us?’

Confusion aside, the answer is quite simple.  The human body is an organic machine.  Machines need fuel.  Our ‘machine’ functions most efficiently on natural, whole, preferably organic foods.  In evolutionary terms, very little has changed.  We still need carbohydrates to provide our energy, proteins to build and repair our cells, and fats to maintain our nervous system. We also need vitamins and minerals to help facilitate these processes. Nature can provide for our bodily needs.

In this country, we need to re-introduce you to the benefits and pleasures of eating for health. By understanding the fundamental aspects of good nutrition, our modern perception of dieting will become outdated.  We need to discover how to sustain good levels of health, thus enabling us to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. This is easily achievable through the choices we make when selecting our foods.


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